RainySilvestre (Matanzas, Cuba 1975). Moved to Miami,FL in 1998. Silvestre began his photographic journey as a self-taught photographer. In 2015 he graduated as a photographer from the New YorkInstitute of Photography. In 2017, he completed an intensive course in creative photography under the tutelage of Juan Antonio Molina Cuesta and Mabe Guzmán atPágina en Blando.

Silvestre has participated in several group exhibitions, including The Object and theImage (this is not a chair either) Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective atConcrete Space (March 2017), Double Play at FotoMuseo Cuatro Caminos in MexicoCity (September 2017), Buenos Aires Photo 2020 (represented by Concrete ArtSpace), Little Havana at Museum of the University of Alicante (March 2021)among others. His work has been published in several online magazines such as Rialta, El Estornudo, Viceversa Magazine. In November of 2020, the short monograph “Little Havana” was published by Peanut Press Books with a small selection of images from the project of the same title which was subsequently acquired by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art. His work is collected in some private collections as well.

Silvestre currently lives and works in Miami and it’s represented by ArtMedia Gallery and works closely with renown curator Jose Antonio Navarrete and master printer Gady Alroy in current and future projects.


·       Self-Taught Photographer

·       Photography - New York Institute of Photography –Graduated December 2015

·       Creative Photography (Diplomado) – Página en Blando.Mexico City 2017


2021 - 2022

·      Views in Perspective - curated by HarvestProject in collaboration with Artmedia Gallery, Dina Mitrani Gallery, and theFuentes Angarita Collection - October 2021/ March 2022

·      The Real of Possible Forms – Curated byMahara Martinez at Art Factory Project – June 2021

·      Little Havana At Museum of the university ofAlicante, Spain. As part of Photo Alicante 2021 represented by Concrete SpaceArts – March 2021 / April 2021

·      Spaced Out: Time is Art – Curated by AdrianaHerrera at Art Factory Project - Feb 2021

 2020 - 2021

·      Nature: Contemporary Art and Design – Curatedby Maylin Pérez Parrado at Prinsengracht 529, Amsterdam November 2020 / January2021

·      Buenos Aires Photo represented by ConcreteSpace – September 2020

·      Arroz con Mango – Curated by Sarah Bejerano at Espacio Consell 81. Barcelona, Spain. March 2020


·       Double Play – Curated by Juan AntonioMolina cuesta at Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos – September 2017

·      The Object andThe Image: This is not a chair either – Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collectiveat Concrete Space – March 2017


·      Curvilinear –Curated by Lance Keimig at Darkroom Gallery. Vermont November 2015



·      “Coastal– Photobooks Now”. – November 2022 – Book


·       “Edgar Ariel, Rialta - ‘Little Havana’, de Rainy Silvestre, en PhotoAlicante 2021”. – 11th March 2021 – Online - Article

·      “Dainerys Machado, Viceversa Magazine - Rainy Silvestre:inmortalizar little havana y su historia de migraciones”. – 12th January 2021 – Online – Article



·       “Little Havana – Peanut Press Books – Selected Works Portfolio Monograph (Special Edition Only)”. – November 2020 - Book

·      “Dainerys Machado, Suburbano - Little Havana en New York: un libro de fotografías de Rainy Silvestre”. –22nd December 2020 – Online – Article

·      “Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, El Estornudo – Antonio Rainy Maceo Silvestre: Ningún romanticismo en Little Havana”. – 14th September 2020 – Online – Article

·      EdgarAriel, Rialta – La Manigua de Rainy Silvestre: Un espacio para conversar sobre fotografía y arte”. – 18th September 2020 – Online – Article

·      “Magaly Espinosa, Rialta – ‘Arroz con Mango’: Una mezcla que renueva la tradicíon”. –17th March 2020 – Online – Article 



·      “Rainy Silvestre: Cinturón Bíblico – ElEstornudo”.  – 5th July 2019 –Gallery


·      “Polaroids from Miami” – El Estornudo”. – 9th February 2017 – Gallery


· “PequeñaHabana – El Estornudo”. – 8th November 2016 – Gallery


In 2021, the book Little Havana (as part of a Peanut Press Portfolio Acquisition) was acquired by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art 

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