Rainy Silvestre (Matanzas, Cuba 1975). Moved to Miami, FL in 1998. Silvestre began his photographic journey as a self-taught photographer, but has since graduated from New York Institute of Photography.

His photography is a compendium of life and a direct relationship to his environment. Silvestre feels the bond between objects, spaces and human emotions is key to his craft. Attempting to show this connection is his main goal as an artist.


BEX Magazine (Argentina)

Full Frame (Cuba)

Revista El Estornudo (publications)

SUBURBANO (crónica sobre Little Havana)

Little Havana Book (Peanut Press)

Viceversa Magazine (interview)

Rialta (publications)


Darkroom Gallery in Vermont, US 2015

Aluna Curatorial Collective at Concrete Space Projects gallery(www.concretespace.net) [The Object and The Image “This is not a chair either”] 2017

“Double Play” curated by Juan Antonio Molina Cuesta FotoMuseo 4 Caminos, in Mexico City. 2017

 Photo Alicante, Spain.  

"Arroz con Mango” at Consell 81 in Barcelona, Spain 2020

Buenos Aires Photo. 2020 (represented by ConcreteSpace gallery)

"Spaced Out: Time is Art" - curated by Adriana Herrera at Art Factory Project - 2021

"The realm of possible forms" - curated by Mahara Martinez at Art Factory Project - 2021

"Views in Perspective" - curated by Harvest Project in collaboration with Artmedia Gallery, Dina Mitrani Gallery, and the Fuentes Angarita Collection - 2021/2022

"Nature: contemporary art & design" - curated by Maylin Pérez  2020/2021


In 2021, the book Little Havana was aquired by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

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